Small businesses, as well as large corporations, share a common threat to their bottom lines: managing risk. Some threats come from outside forces while others are internal. Each year, employers lose billions of dollars due to dishonesty, theft, violence, accidents, substance abuse, and other unforeseen problems.

Squad Security works closely with your business to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and initiate investigations when warranted to uncover and eliminate fraud and employee theft. We also provide comprehensive background investigations to identify potential problems before they impact your profits, including thorough screenings and due diligence reviews of candidates for employment, vendors and business associates. Custom-designed programs are developed to detect and minimize risks.

Helping a company evaluate people inside and outside of the organization reduces the risk of uncertainties. Protecting your intellectual property against loss from trademark counterfeiting or cyber-crime is accomplished with our experienced staff and strategic partners, using the latest software and intelligence techniques. Protecting your people, your physical assets, your corporate data and your intellectual property on a global scale are Squad Security’s mission as your corporate security partner in a world where cyber and other threats are constantly changing and multiplying.

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