Corporate Security

Small businesses, as well as large corporations, share a common threat to their bottom lines: managing risk. Some threats come from outside forces while others are internal. Each year, employers lose billions of dollars due to dishonesty, theft, violence, accidents, substance abuse, and other unforeseen problems.

Squad Security works closely with your business to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and initiate investigations when warranted to uncover and eliminate fraud and employee theft. We also provide comprehensive background investigations to identify potential problems before they impact your profits, including thorough screenings and due diligence reviews of candidates for employment, vendors and business associates. Custom-designed programs are developed to detect and minimize risks.

Helping a company evaluate people inside and outside of the organization reduces the risk of uncertainties. Protecting your intellectual property against loss from trademark counterfeiting or cyber-crime is accomplished with our experienced staff and strategic partners, using the latest software and intelligence techniques. Protecting your people, your physical assets, your corporate data and your intellectual property on a global scale are Squad Security’s mission as your corporate security partner in a world where cyber and other threats are constantly changing and multiplying.

Valued Cargo Protection

There are inherent risks to moving high valued assets by various delivery methods. Squad Security provides you with the latest technology and the highest-quality personnel to protect your company’s assets at each step of the way, ensuring they reach their destination intact, safe and secure.

However you choose to ship your goods – whether on the ground or in the air –Squad Security is available worldwide to protect your supply chain. Our highly trained staff of active and former law enforcement personnel make certain your valued cargo reaches its intended destination. And we have the record to prove it with successful assignments throughout the United States, England and the European Union. From the cargo bay to the airport tarmac, our security specialists track every shipment from start to finish.


Squad Security is a premier provider of investigative services. Our professional team of licensed, insured and highly-trained investigators provides you with unparalleled experience, performing quality investigations in a timely, efficient and discreet manner.

Our wide range of investigative services includes investigations in both criminal and civil cases. Drawn almost exclusively from the highest ranks of retired law enforcement in New York, California, Illinois and London, our staff is experienced in conducting a wide range of investigations, including corporate and white-collar crime, death investigations, matrimonial, custody, and domestic issues, missing persons, as well as litigation and trial support. Background and due diligence investigations utilize the latest online search techniques as well as experienced street level intelligence gathering methods to complete assignments. Locating people, conducting interviews and performing surveillance is accomplished with our veteran staff of former law enforcement investigators who know how to conduct investigations and develop evidence that will hold up in any legal venue.

Squad Security is the first choice of many Fortune 500 firms for sensitive investigative needs.

Executive and Personal Protection

The Executive Protection staff of Squad Security provides experienced professionals to ensure discreet personal protection for executives, celebrities, and high profile individuals.

Our staff includes ranking former and current officers from the New York and California law enforcement communities who have provided protection for corporate CEOs, well-known celebrities and United States Presidents. Our team of highly-trained professionals will provide you with maximum protection assuring your safety while traveling for business or pleasure. Careful planning and coordination are designed to minimize your risks whether you are going across town, across the country or traveling abroad. Our aim is to keep you safe and secure at all times while being as discreet as possible.

Special Event Security

Any event that is special to you is special to Squad Security. Whether it is a large-scale corporate event, university graduation, or a private gathering, your event is treated with the professional attention to detail that will help guarantee success.

Providing you with a safe and relaxed environment is accomplished with the expert planning and execution of our experienced professionals, many of whom have helped coordinate high profile events, including visits of Presidents of the United States.

Security Assessment

Squad Security has developed proven protocols to conduct on-site assessments and analysis of your current security measures to determine if your security program properly and effectively addresses your real risks and threats.

This specialized workplace analysis is intended to examine your risk exposure and review the measures that are in place, or need to be put in place, to properly protect all of your assets, people, and property.

Retail Security

Adaptable to your needs and budget, Squad Security can provide services for your retail location in an effort to prevent and deter theft from shoplifting or other means. Our trained and experienced former and active law enforcement professionals are our primary means of preventing losses attributed to external and internal thefts. Our loss prevention specialists provide a safe and secure retail shopping environment for your business, your employees and your customers.